About Us

How we started.

Here at GeekSwag, we found most retail and online stores were selling the same old Disney, LEGO or other products – but not the niche products people are looking for. So GeekSwag was born in 2016, and we built up connections with key industry distributors and started sourcing rarer toys.

Many of the larger retailers can’t afford or justify stocking less popular items; they need to make the most of their warehouse space and get the best return on investment. As a smaller retailer, we enjoy sourcing and stocking those harder to find toys and games, and bringing them to you from our UK warehouse.

Where we’re going.

While we’re not yet as big as some of the more established toy retailers, we’re seeing continual growth, and adding 100s of new products each month to cater for demand.

With same-day dispatch, fast delivery and 14 day returns, we’re fast growing into one of the leading UK retailers of children’s toys and games.

But we’re not just limited to the UK – we have orders from across Europe, the US, Canada, and as far away as Rwanda!


Behind our company are real humans with care for the world we live in.

We’re working hard to:

  1. Reduce plastic usage internally
  2. Reuse boxes from distributor shipments for larger customer orders
  3. Recycle all paper, cardboard and plastic packaging
  4. Sell damaged games through a clearance (rather than throwing away)
  5. Use 100% recyclable packaging

We’re always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint.